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EV Centers of America- Electric Vehicle Repair Services

EV Centers of America provides repair and maintenance services to OEM electric cars through our network of independent EV auto mechanics, who have completed an intensive training of the Certified Electric Vehicle Technician (CEVT) program at the Cleantech Institute, and have passed examinations to be qualified as Certified EV Mechanics (CEVM).

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(Electric car battery pack and motor system)

Our Certified EV Technician team has expertise in installation, diagnostics and repair the following key system component of an advanced electric vehicle:

* Electric Motors, DC and AC

* Inverter and System Controller

* Electric Vehicle Drivetrain System

* Single Speed Transmission

* Lithium Ion Battery Cells and Battery Pack

* Battery Management System

* Air Conditioning System and

* Thermal Management System

* Regenerative Braking System

* Scheduled repair and maintenance

* and other services required for your EVs

Electric cars in repair

Our Certified EV Mechanics (EV Docs) are well-trained and have experience and expertise in performing diagnostics and repair of system components of an OEM electric vehicle.

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Coda electric car

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